Java – data types and calculations

Yey! It seems I can pass high-school Math! Ha!

Pardon my enthusiasm, I was under the impression I suck at Math. Finished Module 1 of Microsoft’s Learn to Program in Java on edX.

I still have a trip planner program to write, but I have to go pick up the kid. On other news, I think I’m beginning to feel a bit more secure in Java, but just a tiny bit. Learning data types and how the program calculates was refreshing because I was good at it. I particularly like the % function which calculates the remains of the division.  74%10 equals 4. That was real fun. (Never ever have I thought math will be fun! or that I will say it)

I haven’t had the time to devote to learning because, let’s be honest, it’s hot and I’m spending as much time on the beach as possible, cooking, eating and sleeping while at home. Not much of a thrill, but I have a feeling I’m doing something with my summer. Still, I’ve started dreaming about strings and methods and it was about time do get back to studying!

But, ice-cream first 🙂



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